Business Problems are Symptoms

WHAT’s WRONG? Do you have Disengaged Employees? Do you have Cash Flow leaks? Are you seeing Market Share losses? Do you have high Employee Turnover? Are Good Sales People complaining about [...]


Ikigai is not a spellcheck issue!

Many of you may say that Ikigai is a too repeated LinkedIn diagram previous shared. Some of you may say that I need to fix my spellcheck dictionary. Please attempt to read anyway. Ikigai is a [...]


What’s the Big Deal of Big Data?

With all the buzz of Big Data and the million’s of dollars being poured into corporate efforts, are we doing it right? In a few weeks, I’m sure there will be plenty of Big Data discussion at [...]

Are You In-Sync With Your Service?

Are You In-Sync With Your Service? If Not, Listen To Your Customers. I don’t know about you, but when I wait in line too long, or I’m having a horrific service experience; First, I get upset! [...]