About Us

About Tim and Jeanne LaFaver

We founded Globulus in early 2014 with a simple vision: create a consulting firm dedicated to giving businesses access to real-world knowledge from seasoned industry experts with decades of experience.

We launched the firm with that vision after senior positions in a Fortune 50 company, and experience gained as part-time consultants since 2006.

Tim & Jeanne LaFaverThe company’s name, Globulus, is a Latin term for chrysalis, or cocoon …and takes its inspiration from our 2014 visit to Mexico’s famed Oyamel Fir Forest at 10Kft, the winter home of millions of Monarch butterflies.

We joined the millions from around the world who marvel at the Monarchs’ amazing life cycle in all its remarkable development stages: from Cocoon to Caterpillar – to Chrysalis to Butterfly – and its daring flight of over 2,500 miles to Mexico as it migrates from North America.  We felt that Globulus represented the miraculous transformation of Caterpillar to Butterfly, and that our firm should also enable transformation to occur in business.

The transformation of a Monarch Butterfly reflect the business life cycle in all its stages – from its challenges and obstacles – to soaring success

Our Approach

We use a three phase approach to all engagement that aligns with; phase 1 of discovery, phase 2 of solution development and phase 3 of implementation and follow thru. We associated these with the phases of a caterpillar, cocoon and a butterfly. Our goal is to insert transformation elements into your business so that you can ensure they are sustainable and no longer need external support.


The Caterpillar

  • Assess Current State of Business
  • Identify Root Cause of Issue
  • Identify Issue Cost or Opportunity
  • Identify Target State
  • Identify Roles: Customers, Employees & Owner
  • Prioritize Opportunities

The Cocoon

  • Solution Alternatives — Cost & Time
  • Custom Solutions to your unique situation
  • Provider agnostic
  • Practical, results-oriented solutions
  • Term options — short-medium-long term

The Butterfly

  • Knowledge Transfers + Maintain & Enhance
  • Implementation with follow-through
  • Tangible Results 
  • Solution delivery
  • Sustainable implementation


Meet with Us

Our Values

Demonstrate Integrity
and Keep Promises

In everything we write, say and do our integrity must shine. One way to demonstrate that is to keep every one of our promises.

Acknowledge Trust is Earned
& Aim to Earn It

The best relationships are built on trust, and we want to build that with each other and with our customers.

Passion to Serve our Customers

We are a service company. Clients Rule. Our passion is to Serve.

Deliver Results

We know your business must see results. We want to play a part in delivering those results.

Always Speak The Truth

Whether its good news, or bad, always speak the truth. Shoot straight and provide perspectives that provide value to the situation.

The Team is Greater than
the Individual Parts

We acknowledge our individual strengths and expertise – and commit to working as a team – to maximize results for our clients.

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