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Where Globulus can Help

Challenge: You are experience a great deal of employee churn and employee feedback is telling you that your team is frustrated and dissatisfied in their jobs.

Opportunity: Globulus can bring Predictive Index Tools and Workshops to zero in on a recovery process with precision, buy identifying specific weak areas and team and building a proven method of turnaround.

Challenge: You’ve got several big projects that need to be implemented, but simply don’t have the staff to push them to completion, as your core team needs to run your day-to-day business.

Opportunity: Our Globulus team has decades of experience in getting large projects completed. Let us apply our know-how to help you implement those projects and achieve your business goals.

Challenge: You’ve had a huge churn of middle management positions … or you need some short term help in bringing the new team up to speed.

Opportunity: Globulus Engagement Directors can fill those roles as virtual members of your staff or assist in mentoring your new team.

Challenge: With Covid and social unrest, you are concerned your company, the leaders and team are not aligned on the right new strategies that your business must implement.

Opportunity: Globulus can bring a set of powerful alignment tools to insure not only your leadership team is properly aligned to the NEW requirements of the business, but you enable them to ensure the entire team is aligned for success.

Challenge: With the recent turn down of the economy, plus the larger than expected departure of baby boomers from the workforce, you are struggling to screen all the applicants and having a difficult time bringing on the right people that fit your company’s culture and direction.

Opportunity: With a science-based set of job requirements and hiring tools (Behavioral and Cognitive), Globulus can provide you a solution that will enable your company to hire both the skill, experience and heart of candidates.

Challenge: In skip level meetings and your gut tells you, folks are simply not engaging with the business any longer. Your leadership team says everything is OK, but customer churn is increasing, cost are increasing, productivity measurements and profits are falling.

Opportunity: Globulus can provide personal assessments by individual, manager teams and departments to determine exactly where and what is causing these declining results and provide you proven solutions on how they can recover.

Challenge: The cycle times of production remain flat and are beginning to impact customer service.

Opportunity: Our Globulus Engagement Directors will find the root obstacles …and recommend practical solutions that strengthen the customer experience.

Challenge: The Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) continue to rise, but you can’t identify the root cause or fix the drain on your financials.

Opportunity: We’ll apply our deep Globulus team experience to find the problem source and help you optimize financial performance.

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