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How We Help

Challenge: You don’t believe that external assistance is needed …but you’re seeing new competition … or your results are falling behind market trends.

Opportunity: Our experienced Globulus Engagement Directors offer you the advantage of an “outside-in perspective” that delivers new insights and fresh approaches to your challenge areas. We’re ready to assess any or all areas of your business -- and provide practical solutions that produce the sustainable results you want and need.

Challenge: You’ve got several big projects that need to be implemented, but simply don’t have the staff to push them to completion, as your core team needs to run your day-to-day business.

Opportunity: Our Globulus team has decades of experience in getting large projects completed. Let us apply our know-how to help you implement those projects and achieve your business goals.

Challenge: You’ve had a huge churn of middle management positions … or you need some short term help in bringing the new team up to speed.

Opportunity: Globulus Engagement Directors can fill those roles as virtual members of your staff or assist in mentoring your new team.

Challenge: You know the customer experience is key to the success of your business. You feel you are surpassing your expectations in the customer experience … but your market share and customer retention don’t reflect that perceived progress.

Opportunity: Let our Globulus experience bring new insights into the cause of your losses …and help you build a sustainable system of customer and employee experience measures that help you understand how those metrics impact your results.

Challenge: You’re looking to automate portions of your operations with new ERP, CRM or other software applications -- but you’re struggling to pull together the right justification or requirements for this level of investment.

Opportunity: Globulus is not tied to any supplier, and can bring you the best external plans to select and implement the best options for your business.

Challenge: You need to reduce the cost within your operation, but your team can’t bring you specifics areas of opportunity, or actionable items.

Opportunity: Our Globulus team will analyze your operations and identify the opportunities and practical methods that let you reduce and control costs.

Challenge: You leadership team is telling you everything is OK, but you are seeing revenues drop, cost increase, employees and customers’ leave.

Opportunity: The Globulus Virtual Team has been in your shoes. Our end-to-end assessment will identify root causes and generate practical resolution steps to turn around your business.

Challenge: You are struggling to build the right end-to-end measurements to monitor and predict your business results.

Inspect What You Expect. We know metrics matter…and our Globulus team has established meaningful metrics and measurements for hundreds of business areas. Learn how we can help you.

Challenge: You are looking to shift your company’s strategic direction…plus revise and refresh your web presence and marketing materials.

Opportunity: Globulus is ready to guide your efforts with our seasoned Engagement Directors who’ve worked in these critical areas inside Fortune 50 businesses for decades.

Challenge: Your Service Center or Call Center is struggling to meet customer service expectations.

Opportunity: Your contact center can truly transform the customer experience with the sustainable solutions our Globulus team can deliver with its decades of experience improving call center performance.

Challenge: Both employee and customer dissatisfaction are beginning to impact your business and market share.

Opportunity: The unique experience of our Globulus Team will help you clarify the origin of these challenges and how they’re impacting your business. We’ll design strategic approaches that help you build employee engagement and develop loyal customers ready to recommend your business to others.

Challenge: The cycle times of production remain flat and are beginning to impact customer service.

Opportunity: Our Globulus Engagement Directors will find the root obstacles …and recommend practical solutions that strengthen the customer experience.

Challenge: The Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) continue to rise, but you can’t identify the root cause or fix the drain on your financials.

Opportunity: We’ll apply our deep Globulus team experience to find the problem source and help you optimize financial performance.