Could your Business use a Little Fortune Telling?

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Do you remember playing this game in 3rd, 4th or 5th grade?  I made these in the 60’s, my kids made these in the 80’s-90’s and my oldest granddaughter made this one last week.  It’s called a Fortune Teller.  Do you remember how to make them?  Instructions are here.

How many of you wish, or think, we need these to get thru the pandemic?   They might help.

Business leaders/owners…

are thinking about what moves they must make to sustain themselves thru the pandemic, social unrest and political uncertainty.   There are so many variables?   So many things to think about concerning PPP, loans , cash flow and adjustments to the business to sustain itself.  How are you making these decisions?  Are you seeking input from just their leadership team, peers and advisory teams?  Are you investing in the right places in your business now, so that when opportunities open up you will maximize recovery?  How are you supposed to LEAD teams when you are never face to face?  Do you have all the people in the right spot when you return to work at full capacity?  What MUST you change?  What do you NEED to change?  What are you supposed to do different for your employees? Are you simply playing the Fortune Telling Game with the business, employees and customers?


are afraid of what will be the working environment tomorrow?  Will we ever return back to the office the way it was?  Will we be able to have face to face meetings for sales, or visiting with customers?  Will I be restricted to working at home, or office hoteling, for the rest of my career?  How can I learn to do video conferencing better.  How can I get the informal things done, when I use to simply drop by my colleagues office?  Can our department and team still be effective working remotely?  How can I managing teaching my children, work from home and still be professional to my customers and bosses? Will my career and promotion opportunities by impacted from me working remotely?


are wondering if the business they are using are following all the correct protocols.  I’m looking at ways they may accommodate my patronage to their business better.  Do they adequately allow and extend discounts for ordering and pick up?  Does the restaurant offer online reservations, or waiting and drinks in the parking lot (with social distancing).  Can retailers offer online shopping assistance with face to face people helping virtually walk someone thru the store?  Are the employees being sensitive to the social space I want?  What are the changes that will become permanent?  Will I like them?

All of these questions are beyond the Pick a # between 1 and 4, then pick a # between 1 and 8.  It would be great if it was that simple.

Regardless of investments, loans, inventory levels, advertising, Covid regulations and all the other worries, business owners MUST remember to focus on their employees and customers.  With everything going on, employees expectations and concerns must be in the forefront of every employer.  The better you are adapting to their concerns, you are investing in the most valuable asset your business possesses.

Secondly, be sensitive to your customers.  Sit in their shoes.  Understand what they are seeking, and what NEW opportunities that may be presenting.  Don’t automatically think it is as simple as opening your doors and trying to get to as close to business as usual (BAU).    You may be missing new opportunities of services and a new defined customer experience.   This may be your opportunity to pull away from competition.

At @Globulus, we assist businesses learn about employees and customers.  What to learn more visit us here.  If you want to set up time to talk, please feel free to set up time hereIf you want to know more about yourself, get a Complimentary Behavioral Assessment here.


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