Globulus Team

Check out our growing Engagement Director Team throughout the United States

Map of all Globulus locations in the US


Jeanne LaFaver VT

Jeanne LaFaver, CEO and Co-Founder

Telecom, System Development, Business Intelligence Development, Project Mgmt, Data Analytics

Tim LaFaver VT

Tim LaFaver, COO and Co-Founder

Telecom, Government, Customer Care, International, Start Up, Strategic, Mega Program/Project, Process Improvement, Technology Development




Ken Tasch, Engagement Director

Strategic Planning, Business Optimization, Marketing/Sales/Business Development, Creating Innovation Infrastructures, Lean Manufacturing, Engineering Program/Project Management


Jane Bennett VT

Jane Bennett, Engagement Director & Founding Member

Telecom, Government, Customer Care, International, Start Up, Strategic, Mega Program/Project, Process Improvement, Technology Development

Candice Barker VT

Candice Barker, Engagement Director & Founding Member

Healthcare, Life Sciences, Product Development/Management, Complex Program/Project Management, Strategic Planning, Healthcare IT


Pat Vollendorf VT

Pat Vollendorf, Engagement Director & Founding Member

Banking/Credit Union, Lending, Strategic Development, Marketing, Product Development, Healthcare, B2C, B2B


Joyce Smith VT

Joyce E. Smith, Engagement Director & Founding Member

Telecom, Finance Management, Process Improvement, Customer Experience Management, KPI Development, Monetization of Process loss


Miles Pierce VT

Miles Pierce, Engagement Director & Founding Member

Telecom, Technical Team Development, Human Factors/Eco System Assessment, Customer Experience Management, Agile practitioner, Data Analytics

Jeff Johnson VT

Jeff Johnson, Engagement Director and Founding Member

Telecom, Technical Assessment, Strategic Development, Business Development, Product Development, Network Technologies

Kevin Conway VT

Kevin Conway, Engagement Director & Founding Member

Telecom, Strategic Development, Marketing/Sales Communications, Branding, Executive Communications, Web Content Development, B2B, Employee Communications, Media Relations


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Coming Soon!


We expertly leverage the modest size of our business to provide you the End to End Services larger firms offer. We do that through our select partners. Below are the industry leaders in our Affiliate Partner Network. They effectively complement the services we offer – but most importantly – they adhere to our values to SERVE you.

Insperity is a company obsessed with delivering HR mastery.  They allow companies to focus on their core competencies, while supporting that businesses HR function from; general HR, Federal/State/Local compliance, training, development, payroll; including professional employer organization (PEO) services.

Insperity has grown to a $4.3B company, from it’s entrepreneurial beginning in 1986.  It now has 70+ offices throughout the United States and serves over 100,000 clients.  Their mission is to help businesses succeed so communities prosper

Predictive Index Certified Partner

The Predictive Index is a company that has empowered businesses to align their people strategies with business strategies for optimized business results.  With 7000+ clients, in 142+ countries and 150+ partners, The Predictive Index is the leader in Talent Optimization.

Miratech is a global IT services and consulting company that brings together global enterprise innovation and start-up innovation. We are one of 150 Partners that work across Europe, Asia and the America’s. FORTUNE named Miratech as one of the best 100 outsourcing service providers

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Take five minutes (or less!) to complete this free assessment. Just one glance at the insights and you’ll quickly see why thousands of companies across the US have used The Predictive Index to align their people strategy with their business strategy. There is no other tool that makes it so clear, simple, and easy to optimize your talent.