Tim LaFaver VT

Tim LaFaver

St. Louis, MO

Co-Founder/Chief Operating Officer

How Tim Can Help

  • Quickly align goals & initiate plans across the business to deliver
  • Shift a Business to be truly Customer Focused & get results
  • Not only bring you results, but teach your team to bring you results
  • Orchestrate Mega Project deliverables
  • Quantify cost of current Processes & Opportunities to remove big ticket failures

Executive Experience

  • AVP & Founder of Customer Experience Operational Readiness – AT&T
  • AVP Program Management Ethernet Expansion & Cell Site Deployments – AT&T
  • AVP Customer Care Tier 3 US & President Advanced Solutions Inc. – AT&T
  • RVP SBC Telecom Out Of Region Expansion – SBC
  • Executive Director/Mexico Data Integration – SBC International


  • MBA Class Facilitation:
    • University of Southern California (Return on IT Investment Strategies)
    • University of Mexico (International Business Development)
  • BBA, Marketing w/HR-Statistics – University of Houston
  • Psychology/Business – University of North Texas


  • Cultural Transformation/Change Management
  • Process Assessment & Turn Around
  • Fanatic Customer Advocate
  • Mega Project Development & Deployment
  • KPIs & Diagnostic Measurements that Matter
  • Start Up Planning & Implementation

Success Stories

  • Delivered 18 projects to customer in 10 weeks, with targeted ROI of >150%
  • Kick Started a Customer Experience Product Development process improving CX and operating cost with revenues exceeding $100M
  • Met 100% of 2 Mega Project deliverables on time without penalties; each resulting in over $1B in risk savings, or value to AT&T.
  • Led and Deployed cost saving processes into a Customer Care operation that resulted in flat cost, while customer base quadrupled.
  • Successfully launched 5 business unit/subsidiaries, with the largest generating over $200M annually.


Tim’s business DNA drives his extraordinary dedication to improve the Customer Experience, Change Management and Deliver Results.

Tim pulls no punches as a customer advocate. He’s passionate about finding root causes – in processes, people, policies, products and systems – that keep a business from optimum performance and delivering an exceptional customer experience.

He avoids the status quo.   He knows how to roll up the sleeves with front line teams in workplace observations. And he knows how to gather and leverage the insights, perspectives and experiences that deliver the results the C-Suite team expects.

Tim’s broad experience includes Marketing, Sales, Product Development, Supply Chain, Inventory Management, Customer Care, Operations, Merger & Acquisitions, Information Technology, Technological Deployments, P&L Management and International. In short, he’s equipped to address almost any business situation.

Prior to his career at AT&T, Tim worked his way through college from managing retail stores, gas stations (when they were full service), to jobs as an onshore/offshore oilfield worker, cafeteria server … and even work on an assembly line and as a carpenter’s helper.   And because he knows and enjoys hard work, he did not sit long after retirement.

Tim decided to create Globulus after recognizing that businesses – large and small – would benefit from advantage that decades-long experience across multiple disciplines could bring them. Either large businesses needed unbiased objective experienced perspectives, or small businesses needed seasoned assistance in growing past a stale business model, or guidance to next stages of growth.

After discussions with other semi-retired executives, Tim saw the special value Globulus could offer: a unique consulting model for customers powered by a team of experienced business leaders.