Jane Bennett VT

Jane Bennett

Chicago, IL

Engagement Director & Founding Member

How Jane Can Help

  • Streamline your business through process improvements and automated flow through
  • Assess business structure and advise areas of consolidation
  • Implement business measurements to improve customer service and employee productivity
  • Assist in business work force management and employee start up requirements
  • Create an efficient business model to ensure proficient and successful product introduction

Executive Experience

  • Executive Director Consumer Self Service Staff Support and Project Management, AT&T
  • Assistant Vice President Consumer Project Management and Operations Support, AT&T
  • Executive Director Customer Care Vendor Management, AT&T
  • Executive Director DSL Regional Project Management and Process Improvements, SBC
  • Executive Director Operations Process Improvement and Standardization, SBC
  • Regional Vice President Ameritech Region Broadband Local Field Operations, SBC


  • BA from Northeastern Illinois University, Business Data Processing and Business Management
  • MBA from Dominican University, Management of Information Systems


  • Customer Care Solutions and Productivity Improvement
  • Service Metric Development and Management
  • New Product Introduction and Integration
  • Start Up and Work Force Management
  • Field Operations, Human Resource Requirements, Dispatching and Efficiencies
  • Operational Consolidation and Management

Success Stories

  • Developed and executed a cohesive productivity improvement plan for AT&T’s chat and email operations, which included moving to a common platform, integrating operational process, consolidating line operations and developing standard metrics and reports.
  • Led AT&T’s Vendor Management customer care operations that included national and international support centers, comprised of 10,000 + agents, ensuring outstanding support with business impacting support metrics, earning the JD Powers Customer Care award.
  • Built Ameritech’s Midwest DSL field operations and dispatch work force from the ground up. This included the initial hiring of 300+ employees, obtaining vehicles and tools, creating training curriculums, selecting and building out 22 field offices and developing procedures in support of the day-to-day operations.
  • Acted as the chief business liaison for Ameritech’s DSL labor movement, assisting in new contract negotiations with both the CWA and IBEW unions.
  • Defined, designed and implemented an enterprise wide test bed for AT&T customer care centers to test new products, process flows and procedures, measurements of success and analysis reports to assure flawless success during real time deployment.
  • Led Ameritech’s operational data center consolidation effort, moving from 22 individual managed centers across five states to four physical centers managed by a single regional operational control model.


Jane Bennett’s career spanned 33 years of service. She began her early career as part of the IT / Finance organization working in managerial support functions from program design to data center management, gaining invaluable experience of day to day processes and operations.

Jane also worked on the customer support side of the company, holding a variety of executive leadership roles from Call Center Management to Field Force start up and management.

Jane’s strengths include her passion for being process driven and innovative. She has the ability to look at a current business process and reengineer it to be more efficient, resulting in enhanced productivity and improved customer service. Jane is also always focused on measurements of success to monitor the goals of a business. While at AT&T she engineered an integrated process across all business disciplines from Marketing through Customer Care to introduce new products and services, ensuring they were market and operationally ready for launch.

Jane also led the initial – and successful – field launch of Ameritech’s DSL startup, developing a work plan, hiring the workforce, establishing dispatch locations and procedures, purchasing and deploying equipment, and training the workforce. Most of Jane’s workforce management and processes are still in use today been scaled nationwide through SBC and AT&T mergers.

How to use technology to improve throughput is another of Jane’s specialty strength areas.

With her IT business data processing educational background and work experience – combined with her MBA in Information Systems and executive leadership roles – Jane has the ability to see things at a global level and apply solutions to improve business plans.

At AT&T she led the effort to re-engineer the customer chat and email processes, introducing new technologies, measurements and solutions to successfully improve the customer experience.

Jane is married to her high school sweetheart, Tom, for more than 33 years and have three great children, a Registered Nurse, a recent Criminal Justice BA graduate and current student at the University of Iowa. She enjoys attending church, being with her family and recreational water sports, including fishing and boating.

Jane received her bachelor’s degree in Business Data Processing / Business Management from Northeastern Illinois University, and her MBA in Management of Information Systems from Dominican University.