Candice Barker VT

Candice J. Barker

St. Louis, MO

Engagement Director & Founding Member

How Candice Can Help

  • Strategically make product selection decisions
  • Manage multi-faceted projects by applying processes to achieve project goals and deliverables
  • Focus on fulfilling users application needs by working at all levels in the organization to develop and deliver applications based on client business requirements and user workflows
  • Deliver products clients want to buy and use
  • Ensure an outside-in approach is used in product planning and management

Executive Experience

  • Solutions Director, Solutions Management
  • Director, Product Management, Departmental
  • Director, Product Management, Clinical Solutions
  • Alliance Director- Customer Relationship Management
  • Project Director – Implementation


  • BS in Medical Technology (Clinical Laboratory Science), Illinois State University


  • Medical Technology Certificate, The Methodist Medical Center of Illinois School of Medical Technology
  • Medical Technologist with Specialty in Hematology, MT (ASCP) SH, American Society of Clinical Pathologists
  • Pragmatic Marketing Framework Certification


  • Product Management
  • Project Management
  • Application Development
  • Healthcare IT
  • Partner Management

Success Stories

  • Increased product pipeline by 500% by selecting and partnering with the number 1 industry leader
  • Virtually managed a 23 member cross-functional product team in North America and India to develop and maintain product for 28 clients in the US and Canada
  • Consistently delivered product releases within release timeframes and deliver enhanced application functionality resulting in higher levels of client satisfaction
  • Ambulatory product achieved the number 2 ranking for the EHR market


Candice is a director level product manager with 31 years of experience in healthcare information systems, including electronic medical records and laboratory information systems.

Her strengths include strategic product planning, partner management, and working with product teams across the organization to deliver products that meet client needs. Candice enjoys working with clients and product teams to plan, and develop products that assist clients with their workflows and resolve their problems using innovation and technology.

Her career history includes 15 years at Allscripts, a developer of healthcare EHR systems. She worked in product management and system implementation developing, delivering and supporting healthcare applications including Ambulatory, Laboratory, Patient Portal, Secure Health Messaging and Mobility solutions.

Prior to Allscripts, she was at CITATION Computer System for 16 years. CITATION was a developer of clinical products including laboratory information management systems. Her last position was Vice President for their clinical suite of products with focus on product strategy and management.

Her most recent position was at Allscripts as a Solutions Director on the Solutions Management team. Responsibilities included development, maintenance and support of Allscripts legacy Laboratory Information Management System for 28 clients with a 23 member product team in the US and India. She delivered two major releases and several minor releases from 2013 through 2014.

During 2014, Candice developed the go-forward product strategy for the LIMS product. She worked directly with executive leadership to develop build, buy or partner strategic product plan.

Candice can provide her wealth of product and project management experience to any organization. She use her management skills to plan the project, work efficiently and effectively with project team to meet product/program deliverables and drive to exceed client satisfaction.