Are Problems and Customer Complaints BAD, or GOOD?

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Does your boss welcome problems?  Do they tell you,

Don’t bring me a problem, unless you have a solution!

Does your team seek Customer Problems, or do they seek to keep them from the boss?  Do you hear,

If our boss finds out about this customer issue, all of us will be fired!


Problems need to be celebrated?  They are things that must be exposed, explored and discussed.

Of course, they are not pleasant.  They are painful!  I hate them.

As a leader/boss/manager/owner; you must learn to learn from problems.  They are the best way to make your business better, employees engaged and happier customers.  Never sweep them under the carpet.  Own them.  Fix them.

If Employees see you seeking to blame a person, or hide from customer calls or complaints, they will slowly disengage.  They will also stop owning the customer, or even caring about them.

Employees see ALL the problems and often have the solution or ideas to resolve.  If disengaged, they will  be quiet.  If they think they will be executed, or viewed as a complainer/whiner, they will simply keep there mouth shut.

Disengaged Employees creates a toxic and problem creating environment!

If customers see employee disengagement, or it’s impossible to reach a boss to have a conversation; Customers will either COMPLAIN, or LEAVE without saying a word to you.  I want to hear a complaint.  As a matter of fact, customers that complain normally will tell you what’s wrong and how you can fix it.

From my 35+ years in Customer Service,

Resolved Customer Complaints can become the most Loyal Customers

If a customer leaves and does not complain, they will kill you.  They are typically the most externally vocal and have the ability to ultimately destroy your reputation.  What is the problem behind churn?

Want to understand how to create the right environment?  What to identify how Customer Complaints and Problems can CREATE A GREAT BUSINESS?

Find out here.  Want to discuss, let’s set up some time here.

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