What does the decline of the Monarch Butterfly population in Mexico have to do with a declining Business?

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What does the decline of the Monarch population have to do with Business?

Stay with me for a moment.

I first visited the Mexican forest in Michoacán in 1996, and later in 2013.  Look at this chart from a recent USA TODAY article.  I saw the Monarch at their highest population and lowest levels in 3 decades.   Experiencing the extremes heightened my awareness.

The number of butterflies that overwinter in Mexico has continued to dwindle over the past 20 years. (Photo: Center for Biological Diversity)

Their five-generation cycle of migration is incredible.  The metamorphosis from caterpillar to Monarch is miraculous.

In our 2013 visit, we learned about the Latin word, Globulus, which is translated into chrysalis, or cocoon.   I had just left a career job and was starting my own business.  This visit impacted me so much I decided to name my company Globulus.

I wanted to use my 35+ years in creating and turning around business.  I thought the process of creating and transforming a caterpillar to a Monarch is what I wanted to do for businesses.

How does that relate?

You will see in the USA article, the Monarch needs Milkweed.  Kill Milkweed, and you kill butterflies.  Businesses need food too.  If you kill part of a business’s food supply, it will not reach its fullest potential or even die.

Food for a Business

  • Free Cash Flow for investing
  • DELIGHTED Customers
  • Happy Employees
  • Efficient and Effective Operations (People/Systems)
  • Continuous Innovation
  • New Products
  • New Markets

You will see in the USA video, Monarch populations are declining from New Jersey to Missouri, Illinois, Arkansas, Texas, Mexico and more.  Not only are they starving, but they are being poisoned.  From pesticides to climate change, these external conditions actually kill them, and the food sources that have sustained them for thousands of years.

Businesses experience poison too.  If these poisons are not removed, the business will decline or perish.

Poison for a Business

  • Unhappy Customers leaving
  • Unhappy Employees sticking around for a paycheck
  • Slaves to old procedures and systems
  • Competition beating you everyday
  • Old Products and the end of their life cycle
  • Declining or Evaporating Markets
  • Expenses growing faster than revenues

Do any of these resonate with you, or your business?

At Globulus, we’ve seen businesses flourish.   We’ve seen energy created and grow.   From new products, new markets and new technologies, we’ve seen WINNERS!  We’ve seen owners, employees and customers all smiling together.  It’s COOL!

On the flip slide, we’ve seen companies with stale processes, unhappy employees, customers leaving and markets in decline.  Business owners that built business with brute determination, scared they would lose it all.  We’ve seen owners wanting to transition the business to family, employees or new owners, but the business is broken, or it’s not a sustainable business.  Leaders paralyzed in fear that they next move might kill the business.

We don’t bring fancy PowerPoints.  We don’t bring big theories.  We don’t refer your problem to less senior associates.

We bring seasoned “been in your shoes” talent to the table.  We’ve been in places you’re at or scared you may go.   We’ve made many mistakes, and learned.   We’ve got grey hair to prove it.

If you’re concerned about food for our business, or have poisons threatening your business, please let us know.

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