Digital + Cultural = Business Transformation

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Everyone is clamoring towards Digital Transformation.


For you to compete today, you must quickly address opportunities in; e-Commerce, Customer Experience, Product Realization (faster/better), old company silo’s and more. All the while, you must continue to run your business. Drive’s many owners and executives crazy.

Prior to Globulus Team’s formation, each of our Engagement Directors saw these efforts succeed and fail in their respective careers and positions in Fortune 500 companies. At Globulus, whether small, or big, we’ve seen businesses taking on these initiatives in various forms. We are so passionate about such transformation we named our firm Globulus, which is a Latin term for cocoon, and represents the vehicle for the miracle in nature that transforms a caterpillar into a butterfly. We aim to help our clients in their transformations as well.

Your firm may call it:

  • Agile Initiative
  • Digital Transformation
  • Dev Ops  Shift
  • CX Initiative
  • Operational Overhaul
  • Competitive Response
  • Big Data

Whatever you call it, you are trying to get your business to move faster, respond to the customer better/faster, develop products faster/better, get more information from your internal/external process to make better decisions, automate your business for faster change, improve the touch-points/interactions with clients, reduce overhead cost of operations or any other things that will help you WIN. Win with customers, employees or owners.

At Globulus, we’ve seen many failed and successful attempts to this effort, but we’ve seen one overriding reason for failure. That reason for failure is overwhelmingly the executives, management and front line workers don’t also have accompanying shift in culture and mindset. All too these initiatives take a technological slant. It’s not surprising. Technology does not argue, debate direction or does programming language bring out conflicts between departments.

We recently saw that McKinsey’s Quarterly, July, 2017 article, “Culture for a digital age” sees similar issues within their practice. They further boil these elements into:

  •  Fear of Risk
  • Silo’s (Functional, Departmental or Mindsets)
  • Really seeing their business from the Customer’s Eyes

Whether you are in the middle of a business transformation and it’s not producing what you expect, or you’re considering taking on this type of an initiative, we encourage you to include both,

  • Internal Cultural Issues (All level of Employees/Departments)
  • External Cultural Issues (Competitors, Owners and CUSTOMERS)

while the Technological initiative are being worked in parallel.

Does this resonate with you, or your company?

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