Ikigai is not a spellcheck issue!

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Many of you may say that Ikigai is a too repeated LinkedIn diagram previous shared. Some of you may say that I need to fix my spellcheck dictionary. Please attempt to read anyway.

Ikigai is a Japanese concept meaning “a Reason for Being”.

Regardless of where we are in life, aren’t we searching for this in our life. I am.

As father, grandfather and husband, I want to find where I give to my loved ones and to society in general.

As a business leader, manager, boss and visionary, I want to help my fellow team members find their “reason for being”. I know when that occurs, the entire work environment is energized, positive results are plentiful and it’s just plain fun.

As a person, I know when I find the place where love, work, my personal gifts and where I fulfill other’s needs mix together; life in general is AWESOME! Its awesome for me! Its awesome for my employer! Its awesome of society/clients/friends! Its a perfect work/life balance!

I hope this graphic makes you think about how you can find your reason. If you are a boss, or leader in business, I hope you might apply this is helping your team. It will make challenges of business much easier.

Let me know your thoughts of how you apply this in your life or business.

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