What is your NEW YEAR Customer Experience Resolution?

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Over the last several months I’ve read increasing volumes of articles about the key role of the CMO in 2016.  The largest volume has been the CMO’s role in improving the Customer’s Experience.  These articles say they are key because of their role as a; Change Agent, Thought Leader, Strategist and defining the Services and Products provided by the business.

I disagree that the CMO is “key” to the Customer’s Experience inside the business.   They certainly play a significant role, but they are not the owners.  If you agree the definition of marketing is “the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising”, the Marketing team plays a very small part in delivering SERVICE and EXCEEDING Customer’s expectations on a day in and day out basis.

Of course, depending upon industry, age and size of the business; percentages vary, but the Marketing & Sales functions represent 15-25% of the businesses overall functions.  Think about Operations, Supply Chain Logistics, IT, HR, Legal, Customer Care Support, Finance (Billing), R&D and never forget about Executive Department.  Every employee relate their daily job to the CUSTOMER, “Think like a Customer, and Act like an Owner”.

Every C-Level (CXO), single department and every single employee within the business MUST OWN the End to End Customer Experience.  If everyone on your team, or in your business, doesn’t believe that they OWN IT; your customer’s probably already know where.  Whether its a business of 100K+, or 10+ employees, it is imperative that every functional department and person OWN’S IT.  All Direction, Policy, Bonus, Procedure/Guideline, Decision must provide everyone with that EMPOWERMENT.  Every level of management MUST also understand their employees don’t want to come to work to offer bad SERVICE.   They actually WANT to provide EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE.  It makes their job FUN  and something they will brag about outside of work.  That translates into a eNPS (employee Net Promoter Score), which will in turn create improvements to your NPS (Customer Net Promoter Score) and growth to your business.

I also want to also stress my previous comments about End to End Customer Experience.  I highlight capital E on each End.  This means the very first interaction (Front End) to the very last interaction (Back End).  All too often I hear individual within departments, or functions, say, “… it left here OK”.   Also in CX reviews, I hear individuals talk about all the problems in other departments and team members.  Are you telling me, “…everything here is OK?, Or are your just trying to get me to look someplace else?”

At Globulus, we insure a CX review is End to End, or it’s worthless.  As a matter of fact, we look towards experts in each of the functional areas of the business to determine how all the pieces of the business produce the Customer’s End to End Experience.  Many businesses review silo’s of experience, which by themselves are fine with only a 2% error or fall out rate, which can correlate to a 2% customer impact rate if the processes and systems are CX validated.  If the business requires 10 interconnecting silo’s to deliver optimum Service Satisfaction, what would the result be if each of those silo’s have 2% error rate?   That can produce 1 in 5 customer’s experiencing a problem, or dissatisfaction.  I hope you don’t like that result.  By multiples it can become even worse.  In this example, I’ve seen it grow to 60% of the customer’s experiencing Customer Dissatisfaction, by each department performing at 98% optimum rate.  OUCH!

Every employee MUST understand.  Every employee MUST also understand and OWN their duties to recover poor experiences of the customer when it occurs.   It will!  Every C Level MUST instill the proper culture of ownership to every employee and themselves to turn around the Customer’s Experience.

Our team of Globulus Engagement Directors and Affiliate Partners focus our complete attention into these areas for an entire company of 50K employees, or a single department of 20.   If you simply want to talk about how Globulus can help you reach your resolutions please let us know here.  

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