Foundations to Finding and Solving Business Problems

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I Googled ‘business problems’ and 1.21B results returned in .51 seconds. Then I Googled ‘business solutions’ and 362M results were returned in .44 seconds. I observed 4 things.

  1. There are 4x more problems than solutions
  2. I wish I could find problems and solutions in less than a second
  3. People advertised on solutions, but not on problems
  4. There are millions of opinions and ideas

In over 40 years of finding and solving business problems, I’ve narrowed the scope in 4 foundational areas.

PEOPLE – Interacting with customers, selling, supporting and their underlying behaviors (culture) built into the business.

PROCESSES – Whether formal, informal or institutional every business has procedures. They normally mix manual and mechanical together.

PRODUCT – Either a tangible product or a service your business provides to customers.

SYSTEMS – This can be automation, systems or form that is meant to support an employee, or customer, performing a task.

These are foundations to explore within any business, or operation. People may utilize;

–          Big Data                     –          LEAN                          –          Six Sigma

–          Walking Around       –          Secret Shoppers       –          Surveys

–          NPS                             –          SAT Surveys              –          Stock Price

–          Profits                         –          Revenue Growth      –          Excess Inventory

–          Time to Delivery       –          Market Share            –          Many other points

to identify issues or problems. 99+% of the time the root cause boils down to People, Processes, Product and/or Systems.   Don’t be guided or fooled into anything else. Chances are if you believe it’s not one of these, it’s probably only a symptom.

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