ST. LOUIS, MO –– Sept. 17, 2015 –– Globulus, a unique management consulting firm of seasoned executives with decades-long experience working in Fortune 50 companies, has announced the launch of its new website and introduction of its Engagement Director team and Affiliate Partners.

“We’re excited to showcase our firm’s unique professional services and capabilities that help businesses transform, drive higher performance and grow,” said Tim LaFaver, Globulus Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer. “We’re ready to focus the in-depth expertise of our Engagement Director Team and Affiliate Partners on developing strategic solutions that deliver solid results for our customers.”

Engagement Directors and Affiliate Partners

The Globulus team consists of part-time consultants, each with 20-plus years’ experience working in Fortune 50 companies. These Globulus Engagement Directors are semi-retired senior leaders who have a passion to share expertise and deep knowledge across all industries and business functions, including sales-marketing, operations, supply chain, finance, customer care, legal, and business process areas.

“Along with our Engagement Director Team, we expertly leverage the modest size of our business to provide customers the End to End Services larger firms offer,” LaFaver noted. “We do that through our relationships with the industry leaders in our Affiliate Partner Network. They effectively complement the services we offer – but most importantly – they adhere to our values to deliver effective customer solutions.”

The Globulus team is ready to assist in general business situational assessments, analysis of particular areas of a business, or an entire business ecosystem review. Focus areas include customer, employee or market evaluations. Globulus also develops targeted solutions to transform a business with application or technology deployments, including taking lead project management roles to deliver solutions.

What Makes Globulus Unique

Globulus is a small organization by choice, focusing on the quality and experience of its team. Without the dedicated overhead of larger management consulting firms, Globulus’ virtual teams have the ability to operate dynamically and cost-effectively in response to customers’ needs.

“We address business challenges creatively, with experience and insights that bring in the right skills for each job, without unnecessary overhead costs to our customers,” LaFaver noted. “Larger consulting firms often bring in un-proven individuals to represent their business because of ongoing personnel turnover in some parts of the consulting industry. Globulus focuses only on proven talent with real world expertise. Our network of vetted, skilled Engagement Directors and Affiliate Partners ensure we can deliver a quality of service to our customers that’s unmatched in our industry.”

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