Options for Your Business:

Grow Forward…or Fall Further Behind

Imagine you’re keeping pace with the variables that constantly shape your business: the market, your industry, competitors, regulatory and workforce.

Imagine you’re diligent in exploring new methods and means to success for your business, as Marshall Goldsmith notes in his book, “What Got You Here Won’t Get You There”.

You don’t have to imagine it. You can make it a reality in your business with the help of our team of seasoned Engagement Directors.

They’ve led many businesses to success by expertly managing those essential variables. And they know this: you can succeed by tapping expertise that helps your business grow forward – or have your business remain on its current path, and fall further behind.

Making a Difference…For YOU

If your business is small – we offer you large scale results, without paying large firm rates.

If your business is large – we bring Fortune 50 skills, experience and professionalism to the table for you.

We listen first – and intensely – to you and your team. And we don’t just reframe your input as a recommendation in a slick presentation. We deliver a practical solution you can apply right away to your business.

It’s the special value we offer and difference we can make for you – all made possible by our unique blend of deep skills and wide-ranging expertise earned over our decades of hard work and leadership in top businesses across the country.


FREE TWO HOUR consultation

Is the future of your business worth a couple of hours?

We think so – and hope you do, too. We know your time is extremely valuable.

And that’s why we make the best of every minute of the two hour consultation we offer.

Your only cost: 120 minutes of your attention and our dialogue to thoroughly understand your business challenges.

But even more importantly – it’s time you invest to determine if we can build a relationship of trust. And if we decide to move forward together in our relationship… we’ll honor your trust with a formal engagement proposal that offers a thorough and thoughtful solution to help your business.*

Our commitment will be to help your business adapt, grow or transform while improving the bottom-line profits of your business.

(*) SPECIAL NOTE: If we feel we can’t serve your needs properly, we will tell you immediately … and help you search for other options, directions or solutions.


Our Approach

Our company’s name, Globulus, is a Latin term for cocoon …and inspired by the Monarch Butterfly’s remarkable development stages: from Caterpillar to Cocoon, and Chrysalis to Butterfly.


We view the butterfly’s transformation as similar to the business life cycle in all its stages – from its challenges and obstacles – to soaring success.

Our Approach is a reflection of those stages as we offer them to clients in three phases: Assessment, Solutions and Transformation.



The Caterpillar icon symbolizes the current state of your business, and the first stage of a formal assessment. The assessment can include specific or broad areas of your business or even a larger complete ecosystem review.

Remember: We offer – without obligation – our FREE two hour consultation. Our discussion will allow us an opportunity to cover your issues …and let us propose time and cost estimates for you to decide if you want to move forward with Globulus.

  • Globulus will work with you on the areas of your business you’re concerned with and assess the opportunities that will make the biggest impacts.  We will not simply reframe and restate to you what some observers are telling you to do. We’ll apply our expertise and unbiased, objective perspectives to your challenge.
  • From our decades of experience, we know our external analysis may also identify additional areas of concern during our review. As other issues emerge, you can expand the scope of our engagement, or stay with the original direction.

Bottom-line: Our assessment will give you insight into parts of your business that are working well – the opportunity areas that can improve – and our proposed solution and cost estimate investment designed to help you move forward.

What needs to change? Whether its operational obstacles, competitive threats, customer issues, employee challenges, ownership tensions, or financial results …your business, like a caterpillar, must adapt to an ever-changing environment…and deliver value and profitability.



We use the icon of the cocoon, or Globulus to reflect the stage in which we bring solutions and alternatives identified in your assessment.

Many times solutions emerge as part of the assessment process – as solutions are quickly identified before the assessment is complete – or when we identify a root cause issue.  Again, because of our experience, we’ve been in your shoes. We know you don’t want to treat symptoms. You want to fix a root cause – and move forward.

How We Work for You

  • Globulus will apply the latest programs, applications, technologies and skills in a recommended solution designed to begin the transformation of your business.
  • In an unbiased manner, we will research and uncover valuable information that will make a difference in the areas identified in our assessment.
  • We don’t have an allegiance to any particular solution; there’s no “cookie cutter” fixes – only thoughtful, customized and practical solutions.
  • We’ll avoid internal team review bias. And we won’t just aggregate information provided in our assessment as a recommendation framed in a slick presentation.  We’ve been burdened by that experience before. But we deliver what you want now: a new horizon for your business.

We will bring practical solutions to the table.  They will improve efficiency, customer satisfaction, revenues, cost, products and services.  You solution is designed to make employees happier, owners satisfied and customers delighted.

As needed, we can assist you in specifying concrete requirements and solicitation of potential suppliers.

Bottom-line:  We are thrilled to apply our decades of experience to your challenges – and obsessed with the metamorphosis that can occur in your business.



We use the icon of the butterfly to reflect the transformation – or implementation and follow-through initiatives – identified in the solution stage.

  • Like the Monarch Butterfly’s evolutionary stages, this is where movement and migration occurs.
  • Here is where you should expect to see tangible results: increased sales, lowered operating cost, streamlined cycle times, incremental cash flow, happier employees/shareholders/CUSTOMERS, improved profits and more.

We want to help you launch the journey into improvements across any, or all areas of your business.  We will work with internal or external teams to bring your solutions to reality.

We can bring resources and expertise where and when you need them: to a temporary problem, vital tactical projects, or chronic issues in need of large programs of improvement.

Just as the butterfly transforms, this is the phase where your business takes flight – soars – and can migrate across great distances to new horizons.

Bottom-line:  Globulus is obsessed with transformation in business – and the positive energy it can bring to your employees, owners and customers.