Globulus may be right for you if …

  • You’re looking for a role that may take between 35-60% of your time …have huge impacts on your customer’s business …and work and share knowledge with peers who have similar passions.


  • Youve considered striking out on your own, you like working with clients (but not contracts, marketing/sales, billing & collections) … and want support from a larger team.


  • You’re willing to share your knowledge, have a passion to serve customers, work as a self-managed starter and leader …and held a successful Director Level or above position in a Fortune 500 business.


  • You’ve left the corporate world … but still want a sense of a team that you can bounce ideas around, learn new skills and have FUN.


  • You’re ready to be in charge of client engagements, balance your work load, travel and life commitments.

Sound like you? Becoming a Globulus Engagement Director may just be the right opportunity for you …right now.