Additional Specialties


  • High-performing employees and teams want and need an effective mentor or coach. Our seasoned Engagement Directors are ready to perform these critical roles for you.
    • Whether its to fill a temporary need while you search for a new staff leader … or assistance in implementing organizational changes …we’ll hit the ground running to help you and your team. Globulus will deliver.

Customer Experience Development

  • Nearly everyone has a customer to serve. Whether they’re external customers or internal department members …delivering the best possible Customer Experience is essential to achieving your business goals.
    • Does your business fully understand the End-to-End processes … inter-dependencies … predecessors and successors to every task …and understand how they impact cost and customer experience?
    • Our proven experience and passion in these areas drive our efforts to review these areas for you…and the practical recommendations we offer that show you how to effectively measure and leverage these elements to maximize your team performance…and deliver the best possible customer experiences. Globulus will deliver.

Program/Project Manager

  • We deliver the skills you need, whether your engagement involves managing a couple of projects to completion, or delivery of an entire program of 20 or more projects.
    • Whether the project requires a certified PMP – or just a seasoned manager with a proven track record to lead a team to complete a project – Globulus will deliver.

Six Sigma Black Belt or LEAN Practitioner

  • During your engagement with Globulus, your Engagement Director may uncover opportunities to improve efficiency, address high failure rates or strengthen other areas of your business.
    • We have access to some of the nation’s best Six Sigma/LEAN experts on our team or in our Affiliate Partner network – and they’re all ready to help you.
    • Whatever you need to advance your business – including deep dive activities like a Kaizen Event, Kanban, Value Stream Mapping to find, fix and measure these elements – Globulus will deliver.

Training Development/Delivery

  • You may need specialized training developed and/or delivered – or seek to achieve certifications in various disciplines to find, fix and manage opportunities going forward.
    • Through our Affiliate Partners, you’ll have access to many of the high-demand training development and certification resources available today. Globulus will deliver.

Requirement Development or Documenter

  • If your engagement leads to the development of a requirement to develop applications – or produce requirements to be issued as an RFx – we’ll bring you the resources you need. Globulus will deliver.