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That’s what our solutions are designed to deliver.

And it’s why our Globulus team continuously builds our range of support.

  • If your particular industry is not shown here — but you see skills you need within our Engagement Director team — please accept a FREE Consultation to see how we might match-up to your needs.

With your initial FREE consultation, we’ll mutually assess how to approach your specific needs.

If we feel we can’t serve your needs properly, we will tell you immediately … and help you search for other options, directions or solutions.



Whether you’re dealing with …

Falling Behind Competitors

– Growing Cost Concerns

Grow personal/mortgage/auto Loans

– Implementing New Technologies

– Expanding Markets

– Enhance Contact Center

– Changing Regulatory Environment

– Grow Your e-Business Footprint

Globulus has an experienced team ready to help you assess, resolve and implement plans for your success.  


Whether its …

– Exploration

– Production

– Development

– Distribution

– Environmental

– Regulatory

  • Globulus has an experienced team that can assist in your ever increasing competitive, technological and regulatory landscape.
  • We know you’re expected to expand your business, reduce cost and improve returns to shareholders.

Globulus will assemble the right members of our Virtual Team to bring you assessment, solutions and transformation to advance your business.


From biotech, pharmaceutical, device development to the delivery of services in clinics, hospitals and doctor offices …this segment of the market is facing growth, demand, regulation and unbelievable technological challenges.

  • Whether you’re looking at faster go-to-market product development, improved supply chain development or enhanced hospital floor procedures and technologies …

…the Globulus Virtual Team can assemble the right solution to move you forward.


Offshore or onshore … cost effective manufacturing can become a strategic benefit or an Achilles heel.

We know you’re faced with:

– Labor Issues

LEAN Efficiency Efforts

– Systems/Analytics

– Supply Chain Issues

– Raw Material Planning

– Operations

– Technological Deployment

– Import/Export

Our Globulus Virtual Team members have faced these challenges too … and we’re ready to assist you.


Globulus can offer our expert assistance in key areas of Technological Assessment, Selection and Implementation. We can also help in an overlay of

– Marketing/Funding Raising

Functional Review

– Operational Efficiency Review

– Skill Review

– Solution Selection

– Project Management

Let our Globulus team help you assess, resolve and implement plans for your success.  


Whether you’re looking for …

– Speed to Market

Pricing & On-line Strategies

– Organizational Development

– Competitive/Market Analysis

– CX Management

– Technology Review

Globulus will bring in our best Virtual Team resources to assist you and boost the success of your business.


Today, this dynamic, fast-growing segment represents Globulus’ largest area of deep skill sets developed over decades of experience.

Whether you’re looking for help in

Marketing/Product Development

– Contact Center Development

– Technology Evaluation/Deployment

– Customer Experience Enhancements


– e-Business

– LEAN/Agile Deployment

– Competitve Assessment

Globulus is ready to assist you with practical, proven experience that helps you reach new levels of performance and success.