John Watters, PhD

St. Louis, MO

Engagement Director & Founding Member

How John Can Help

  • Identify and measure new product or market potential
  • Evaluate and improve pricing strategies
  • Provide an analytical resource

Executive Experience

  • Executive Director Consumer Pricing, SBC
  • Director Market Research, SBC
  • Director Predictive Modeling, AT&T
  • Director Customer Satisfaction and Analysis, AT&T
  • Director Corporate Demand Analysis, SBC


  • PhD, Economics, University of Missouri
  • MA, Economics, University of Missouri
  • BA, Business Administration, Central Methodist College


  • Econometric demand model development
  • Pricing strategies and implementation
  • New product forecasting
  • Business analysis
  • International market research

Success Stories

  • International cellular startups in Switzerland, Israel
  • Innovative pricing plans: cellular, internet and phone services
  • Added $113 million in additional consumer revenue over budget
  • Critical revenue forecasts for new telecommunication domestic and international product lines


John is a lifelong econometrician who has focused on using models for forecasting, new product development, business plans and revenue analysis. He is currently Chair of the School of Business and Associate Professor of Economics at McKendree University in Lebanon, IL.

John gained his M.A. and PhD degrees in economics from the University of Missouri. His 25 year career in the telecommunications industry began with a job as a forecaster at the original AT&T (Ma Bell) Long Lines division in Bedminster, New Jersey. There he performed market demand analyses, forecasting volumes of business customers’ demand for interstate long distance services and associated revenues.

John subsequently worked for Southwestern Bell and then SBC where, in a 10 year career, he directed teams of professional economists through various activities including Corporate Demand Analysis, Consumer Pricing and, finally, Market Research and Analysis within SBC Operations.

John completed his commercial career by returning to AT&T in 2004, where initially he focused on Customer Satisfaction Research and Analysis, and then specialized in predictive modelling for consumer and business marketing. He also provided analysis and predictive models for market strategy and tactical sales campaigns. During this time he also managed all AT&T relationships with third-party data and research vendors, including Dun & Bradstreet and Clarita.

Throughout his career John has developed and produced a wide array of econometric models to estimate the demand for consumer and business customer adoption of wireless phone and data, internet, cable TV services, long distance, and local telephone services for both domestic and international markets. John developed and used market research surveys for substantial parts of his research models.

John retired from the telecom industry in 2008 and began his college teaching career at McKendree University where he has focused on analysis of student engagement.