Clarence ‘CB’ Bonham

St. Louis, MO

Engagement Director & Founding Member

How CB Can Help

  • Identifying your company’s original goals & implementing organizational change or marketing realignment to achieve those goals
  • Developing plans to overcome current obstacles or industry challenges

Business Positions

  • Inside & Outside Sales – Sales Training – Incentive Design
  • Sales Support Administration – Sales Management –   Product Management
  • Vertical Market Management – Event & Trade Show Coordination
  • Sales Compensation Design – Classroom Delivery


  • MBA, Maryville University, St. Louis, Missouri
  • BS, Business Administration, Concordia University of Wisconsin


  • Training Delivery
  • Incentive And Compensation design
  • Change management
  • Marketing, advertising and communications

Success Stories

  • Assisted a small business in doubling property assets and hiring staff
  • Improved approaches to approval processes for multistate leadership stakeholders, including executive through senior management levels
  • Created a position to interact with the vertical market of State & Local Government
  • Advised Managers at all levels on Sales Compensation Policy issues
  • Recommended by Senior Corporate Labor Attorney to advise seven business units on sales compensation


CB is known to be a good communicator with a great sense of humor. His approach is typically pragmatic wanting to get to the root of issues that may lay well below the surface. CB takes time to dig deep into issues and maintain confidentiality while building client relationships.

He also has a varied work background and has overcome obstacles and excelled in a number of job situations. From having a delivery service at 8 years old …to helping his father with a lawn mower dealership as a teen …to working on a farm ….acquiring an aircraft mechanics license …to entering the corporate world …and eventually become an advisor to senior level manager. CB has also received awards as a Voice over Actor, and is a sought-after and popular substitute school teacher.

In the corporate world, CB was assigned to establish more than five new and different management positions – and set the benchmark for subsequent expectations of those positions. During his corporate career he developed associates and mentored employees to be successful, realizing their success was ultimately his own.

Besides his service as a consultant and teaching school, CB’s interests include community service through Lions Club activities.

CB earned his MBA from Maryville University of St Louis and a BS degree in management from Concordia University of Wisconsin.