Andrew Gonzalez

St. Louis, MO

Engagement Director

How Andrew Can Help

  • Develop B2B Marketing & Strategic Planning/S&OP Plans
  • Develop or Direct Project/Program/Portfolio Management Initiatives
  • Initiate Business Intelligence/Integration Programs
  • Develop and Implement Innovation Management and Ideation Initiatives across the Model to drive Product Redesign and Incremental Sales Increases
  • Engage in Business Process Re-Engineering
  • Develop Agile & Waterfall Development Processes

Executive Experience

  • President, AJG Business Solutions Group
  • Strategic Project/Program Leader, Emerson Electric Company
  • Marketing Director / Business Leader, Emerson Electric Company
  • Full Adjunct Professor, Webster University School of Business & Technology

Education/Professional Training

  • Master in Project/Technology (Innovation) Management, Washington University in St. Louis, Graduate School of Engineering
  • MBA, Webster University
  • Project Management Certification, Villanova University
  • BSBA (Decision Sciences), Saint Louis University


  • B2B Marketing/Strategic Planning/S&OP
  • Engineering Project/Program/Portfolio Management
  • Strategic Account Development/Incremental Sales
  • Business Intelligence/Integrations
  • Technology Innovation/Ideation Initiatives in Electrical and Mechanical Technology Markets (Including HVAC, White Goods, Motor and Aerospace Industries)

Success Stories

  • Developed product strategies for existing product lines, extensions and new ones that resulted in a six-point margin improvement.
  • Program Leader for countless successfully launched Major Programs that were Global in Scope and included both Hardware and Software components
  • Successfully integrated both international business and product acquisitions in multiple disciplines
  • Developed a highly complicated Business Plan and aligned with the IT Plan plus recommended an SAP ERP Platform to be implemented
  • As a startup entrepreneur launched one business


After spending 30 years in Fortune 100 companies, Andrew decided he should offer other companies his years of experience to other companies.  Andrew wants to share his passion of product turn around and innovation to businesses striving to compete in today’s ever changing markets.   He has proven methods of building plans and seeing them thru to implementation for multiple companies and products.  His passion of innovation has driven him to stay abreast of latest methods by working on his second Masters in Project/Technology Management in Washington University’s School of Engineering.

Andrew would like to apply this his broad experience to your business requirements.  Whatever the business is facing,  Andrew is ready to offer his hands-on expertise through Globulus.